New installation and exhibition at Blackwell, Windermere.


We are about to install our new piece at Blackwell Arts and Crafts House in Windermere.

The Light Within is a site-responsive collaboration between artists Griet Beyaert and Paul Miller (aka The Glass Cyphers) – an innovative fusion of glass-making and digital technology in an investigation of light and form, using video and sound recordings made in and around Blackwell Arts and Crafts House. Multi-layered video will be projection-mapped onto sculpted glass works, suspended in the Oliver Thompson Gallery, accompanied by a de-constructed soundscape.

We were inspired by the way the spectacular landscape and light from outside weaves its way through the building, magically illuminating the interior and leading us along its fascinating pathways. This movement of light is echoed by the way that light washes over and through the diaphanous, crystalline forms of Griet’s glass sculptures; several pieces will be situated throughout the house.

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